[VIVID-ON] Vivid_on Rebirth on Toner 200ml _ Moist skin toner _ Made in KOREA

[VIVID-ON] Vivid_on Rebirth on Toner 200ml _ Moist skin toner _ Made in KOREA

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    [VividOn] Vivid_on Revelson Toner 200ml _ Unpurified Moist Galactomyces Skin Toner _ Domestic production

    No Purified Water / 100% Galactomyces Water / Pitera Soothing Toner

    * Pure fermented galactomyces water toner without adding purified water provides oil and moisture, removes dead skin cells, and provides clear skin.

    * As it contains highly concentrated galactomyces water, the application is refreshing, the finish is moist, and the skin is comfortable to add skin confidence.

    * No harmful ingredients (6 parabens, benzyl alcohol, triethanolamine, butylhydroxytoluene)

    "Toner without purified water"

    Galactomyces Real Toner

    A toner that focuses on what your skin wants

    Why should it be Galactomyces?

    Does it?

    An ingredient found in the hands of a founder, Galactomyces
    Galactomyces is a type of sake brewer's hand compared to his age.
    Found by cosmetics researchers who saw exceptionally good
    Yeast peptides that make skin clear and elastic, amino acids,
    Rich in enzyme proteins, vitamins B1, B2 and minerals
    The manufacturing method is tricky,
    Extremely low extraction of raw materials!

    Huh! VividOn RevelsOn Toner

    Galactomyces only without purified water

    A whopping 84.8%

    Instead of purified water
    Galactomyces number

    High content

    Key ingredients of Vividon Revels-On Toner
    Galactomyces water replaced purified water.

    A whopping 84.8%

    Whitening, wrinkle improvement double functionality

    RealCare Solution!

    So what does your skin get?

    Texture, tone, light

    01 Texture Care Solution
    Galactomyces ingredient deep into the skin
    Moisture penetrates and improves skin texture
    02 TonCare Solution
    Skin-beneficial yeast ingredients
    Helps boost effect to improve skin tone
    03 Optical Care Solution
    By hydration and exfoliation
    Improves visibly clear skin glow

    Satisfying both wipe + vamp

    Large capacity 2-way toner

    Wipe for determination and exfoliation
    Toner pack for skin soothing vamp

    All Ingredients EWG Green Rating

    Naturally derived ingredients

    What is an EWG rating? A reputable environmental organization in the United States,

    Provided by Environmental Working Group

    #리벌스온토너는 cosmetic safety rating

    Safety-rated ingredients are used.

    Skin irritating ingredients
    Reduced good toner
    6 parabens
    (Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Isopropylparaben)
    Benzyl alcohol
    12 types of tar pigments
    (Yellow 4, Yellow 5, Red 2, Red 3, Red 40,
    Red 102, Red 104, Red 105, Red 106, Green 3, Blue 1, Blue)


    #3세대 Galactomyces Toner


    Moist and fresh

    A non-heavy formulation that soothes and moisturizes!

    I recommend it to these people.

    The more time passes after cleansing, the more sticky the sebum feels.

    I usually prefer simple basic skin care.

    I feel dry, but I am reluctant to apply oily products.

    When outdoors, they often experience tightness in their pores.

    After applying makeup, a crumble appears quickly.

    With Ribels-on Toner
    Lightly skin texture
    Please clean up

    Revelson Serum
    Shake well to desired amount
    Like massaging into skin
    Absorb it

    Revelson Cream
    Massage evenly onto skin
    Wrap and absorb

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