Global Free Shipping(GFS) Service

Unlock Seamless Shopping Worldwide

Welcome to ROAExpo's Global Free Shipping(GFS) Service!
We're thrilled to introduce the exclusive "Global Free Shipping(GFS) Coupon" designed to elevate your shopping experience.


All ROAExpo members are eligible to benefit from our Global Free Shipping(GFS) Coupon.


Total Purchase Conditions

  • Your total purchase amount must reach $150 USD or more.
  • The total weight of the selected product must be less than 3kg for 100% coverage. However, if your shipping weight exceeds 3 kg, you can still enjoy a discount of up to $30 USD.


  • Certain categories (e.g. refrigerated and frozen foods that cannot be shipped overseas) are excluded.
  • Applicable only for shipping via Air Parcel and FedEx (available alongside regular shipping services).
  • Valid only for items in stock in South Korea (Ship From S. Korea Only).
  • Not applicable for bulk purchases (B2B).

Application Method

1. Coupon Distribution

  1. Automatically issued to all members (new and existing) - find it in your coupon box.
  2. No restrictions on the usage period or frequency, encouraging repeat purchases.

2. Combination with Other Coupons

  1. It can be used in conjunction with other coupons (e.g., first purchase 10% discount).
  2. If the shipping weight exceeds 3kg, enjoy a maximum discount of $30 USD.
Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to experience seamless global shipping without the worry of extra costs. Happy shopping with ROAExpo!

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