Vivid On Bling Essence Tone-Up Cream (Vegan certification) _Immediate tone up, whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection_ Made in KOREA

Vivid On Bling Essence Tone-Up Cream (Vegan certification) _Immediate tone up, whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection_ Made in KOREA

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  • 비비드온 (Vivid-On)
  • South Korea
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    Reborn as Vegan

    Bling essence tone up cream, contents as they are.

    VIVID-ON Bling Essence Tone Up Cream, reborn as vegan.
    You, who love nature, know our hearts
    Vegan Formula Tone-Up Cream Without Animal Ingredients
    Join Clean Beauty with an FSC-certified, eco-friendly packaging

    VEGAN Certified Tone Up Cream, Dermatest Hypoallergenic Tested
    Instant Tone-up Multi-care Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement, UV protection Triple Functionality
    What's better?

    Vegan certification has been added to existing formulation!
    Certified Korean Vegan Products
    It does not use animal tests or animal raw materials, and meets all the standards for stability and efficacy.
    Vegan Tone-up Sunscreen for Nature, Bling Essence Tone-up Cream
    Non-Irritating Test Certification!

    Use with confidence in 'Bling Essence Tone Up Cream'
    Non-irritating test certified
    Globally highly reliable with strict standards
    German Dermatested with Excellent an rating!!
    Instant Whitening Effect
    VIVID-ON Bling Essence Tone Up Cream can make you see instant tone-up results the moment you apply it your skin.
    3-STEP Layer Every Morning
    1 Second Instant Tone-up cream, that brightens from the inside.
    Whitening is a basic, UV protection for wrinkle improvement all at once
    Sunscreen + Primer + Makeup Base + Tone Up All at once 4-in-1
    Non-cloudy essence formulation
    100g worth of product for both face and body
    High UV Protection Rate with SPF50+ PA+++ Mixer

    Inorganic tea: Protective shield to protect against UV rays
    Organic tea: Converts UV rays into heat and expels them out of the skin
    Mixed Tea
    Inorganic sunscreen
    Wide blocking range
    Organic sunscreen
    Smooth spreadability
    Blue-exhilarating third-party tone-up formulation
    VIVID-ON Bling Essence Tone Up Cream
    Catch the Hard-to-Solve Whitening Phenomenon.

    Have you ever noticed that when you apply a tone-up cream to your face, your skin tone turns bluish instead of tone-up?
    Then it's time to use VIVID-ON Bling Essence Tone Up Cream!
    Naturally Tones Dark Skin and Men's Skin

    After applying a thriving third-party tone-up cream
    Bluish, grayish color development

    After applying Bling Essence Tone Up Cream
    Natural tone-up and sparkling glow
    Skin Tone Correction Before & After
    01 Soft Spreadability
    Soft spreadability without stiffness
    02 Moisturizing Cream Formula
    Moisturizing creamy texture
    03 Triple Functionality
    whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection
    Everyone hates stickiness.
    Provides a tinted effect to lighten skin tone
    Makeup looks natural 
    The advantage is that it makes my skin look very natural.
    It doesn't cover blemishes as much as foundation, but
    The tone definitely brightens up.
    (c) Romantic Girl
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How do I use it?
    At the end of basic care, spread the contents the size of a pearl evenly over the entire face and pat it to absorb.

    Q. Is UV protection possible?
    It has added sun protection (SPF50+, PA+++) and does not require the use of sunscreen.

    Q. Can I use it for pregnant women?
    Can be used during pregnancy. However, during pregnancy, the skin is more sensitive than usual due to hormonal changes. It is recommended to test a small amount on the inside of the arm before use.
    Nature, you can protect it while using it
    Clean Tone Up Sunscreen, VIVID-ON Tone Up Cream
    01. To Protect the Marine Ecosystem
    We do not use life-threatening 'oxybenzone and oxynoseate' components of marine animals and plants.
    02. No Animal Raw Materials
    Eco-Friendly products without animal ingredients.
    03. Made with love for our Health & the Earth
    Eco-Friendly products without animal ingredients.
    This package is made using FSC-certified paper for sustainable forest management and forest protection.
    Formulation Features
    It has a moist and non-sticky finish.
    *Absorb a small amount like layering rather than applying too much at once onto your face.
    sticky sticky
    Application Spreadability 
    Recommended for those who:
    - are worried about dull skin tone even with makeup
    - are looking for a multi-all-in-one makeup base
    - want to tone up with mild ingredients
    - want enough moisture that doesn't dry out
    - want a bright and healthy skin expression
    - feel that heavy makeup is a burden
    - want to minimize mask staining

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