[VIVID-ON] Bling Essence Tone-Up Cream (Vegan certification) _Immediate tone up, whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection_ Made in KOREA

[VIVID-ON] Bling Essence Tone-Up Cream (Vegan certification) _Immediate tone up, whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection_ Made in KOREA

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    [VIVID-ON] Bling Essence Tone-Up Cream (Vegan certification)

      Vivid On Bling Essence Tone Up Cream has a tone up effect as soon as you apply it.

      4 in1- Sunscreen + Primer + Makeup Base + Tone Up

      a white cast of essence

      Use Face & Body

      soft applicability

      Moisturizing cream texture

      Whitening, wrinkle improvement, UV protection

      Tinted Effect - Natural Makeup Effect.

      Instead of applying a large amount at once, absorb a small amount like layering.

     *Can be used during pregnancy (it is recommended to test the inside of the arm because the skin is sensitive due to hormonal changes during pregnancy)

       No life-threatening *oxibenzone, oxynosate * ingredients are used to protect the marine ecosystem.

       It was made using FSC-certified paper for forest protection


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