[UNDERSCORE] Gentleman Premium Vehicle Diffuser for Vents_ Made in KOREA

[UNDERSCORE] Gentleman Premium Vehicle Diffuser for Vents_ Made in KOREA

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    Gentleman Premium Car Diffuser - Vent Type
    - 100% of the highest grade aluminum material 
    Complete noise removal: All screws and joints are made tight, so there is no noise generated
    Eco-friendly : Natural ingredients are used to produce fragrance, so no harmful substances are produced
    - Luxurious finish and scent intensity can be adjusted to match the car interior.
    - Perfectly wrapped make for perfect gifts.

    The Gentleman Diffuser can be used by mounting on surfaces or on your air vents.
    Handcrafted by the Best Craftsmen
    For the highest quality, we have worked with craftsmen with 30 years of experience in processing. Experience the high quality of our Underscore Gentleman Diffuser
    We Use 100% of the Finest Aluminum Material.
    Using the highest quality aluminum, no harmful substances such as phthalates are generated!
    Perfect Edge Finish
    The diamond blades used by B&O create a perfect edge to make that sleek look.
    Eco-Friendly High-End Diffuser
    It is an eco-friendly diffuser made using natural grains. The mounting type is liquid + gypsum (GEL) or with a magnetic clip. The ventilating type is  composed of white porcelain clay.
    Soundless Technology
    With years of research, our diffusers are built intricately so that screws are tight, with high quality material. There is no noise in the slightest.
    A: Cap
    You can adjust the intensity of the scent by rotating the top 
    B: Solid Scent Donut
    Solid lids for a deep, long-lasting scent
    C: Case
    Large case for a long-lasting smell
    D: Gell Sticker
    High-quality gel sticker is applied for multiple washes
    A: CLIP
    Magnetic clip for easy installation
    B: Case
    Large case for a long-lasting smell
    C: Solid Scent Donut
    White porcelain is applied for a deep and long-lasting scent
    D: Cap
    You can adjust the intensity of the scent by rotating the top
    Variety of Gentleman Colors
    Match your car's interior color to create a more luxurious car
    * Depending on the situation of the monitor, the actual color may be different.
    Issues with Other Vent Diffuser Brands
    When the AC or heat is blowing, the scent emitted instantaneously is strong, but it lacks the feeling that it spreads inside the car for a long time.
    Most Stationary Diffusers
    The subtle spreading effect is excellent, but the instantaneous spreading effect is insufficient.
    That's why we prepared it!!!
    A High-Quality Gentleman's Diffuser Set at a reasonable price!

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