[Skindom] Collagen Velvet (German Metricol) Mask Pack _Collagen content 92% _Made in Germany

[Skindom] Collagen Velvet (German Metricol) Mask Pack _Collagen content 92% _Made in Germany

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    Match rate with my skin 97%_Miracle Collagen

    -Fifty years of research from MedSkin, one of Germany's leading biotechnology companies, are concentrated.
    -Maximum collagen content -92% among all matricols
    -It is good for skin glow, elasticity recovery, intensive care of rough skin_sensitive and elastic skin, and dry and makeup-free skin.
    -Cut as much as you need and use it on the areas you need. You can use it twice on one sheet and focus on the areas   you are worried about.

      *How to use
        [This is a collagen Metricol non-sliced product.]

    1,Wet the Power Release Active Solution on a cotton pad and apply it as if you're wiping it off moistly along the skin texture.
    2,Cut half of the product with dry hands without biting.
       While applying it to the face, apply it completely as if pressing it gently from the nose to both cheeks. Use the Power Release Active solution with enough         water to slightly flow.
    3,Draw a sufficient amount of the Power Release Active Solution on a cotton pad during use to replenish it continuously. Or, wet the solution container directly     onto your face one or two drops at a time to retain moisture and moisture. The appropriate amount of the solution used for the entire face of the
       single program is about 25ml dlqslk. When using A4 size or partially cut, the appropriate amount is used according to the standard. What is
       important is to maintain enough moisture to allow the solution to flow slightly in the program.
    4,After using it for about 20 to 30 minutes, remove it and finish with basic makeup.
    5,All of them are collagen. Don't throw away small pieces and keep them dry individually.