[Lee Woong Foods] 100% Korean raw perilla oil, Lee Woong Perilla oil, 300ml_ Made in Korea

[Lee Woong Foods] 100% Korean raw perilla oil, Lee Woong Perilla oil, 300ml_ Made in Korea

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    The quality of your life will change after you try out our Fresh perilla oil

    - Lee Woong raw perilla oil is extracted using an 'Espera oiling machine' without roasting raw perilla and oiling it at a temperature of less than 49 degrees Celsius, so it does not destroy the nutrients of perilla and is rich in linoleic acid, a vegetable omega-3, so it has excellent efficacy.

    - Benzopyrene 0%, consume smart for health.
    - 100% Korean ingredients used: No additives are added for taste, color or aroma. We use only safe and clean 100% Korean sesame and perilla with the technology of the Rural Development Administration of KOREA and Haenam-gun Agricultural Technology Center.
    - The slower you go, the healthier you are. : Unlike oil that is roasted and squeezed at high temperature for a long time, Lee Woong Foods oil is healthy because oiling at a low temperature results in a clear golden color, and adheres to the traditional taste that is savory and palatable.
    - Flavorful and fresh oil less than a week after oiling: Never oil in advance. Without destroying nutrients, the oil is clear in color.
    - Clean and clean land, produced in Haenam, the tip of the Korean Peninsula: Haenam is a beautiful natural environment, clean air and fertile farmland, making it a mecca for eco-friendly, high-quality agricultural products.

    Quality of life changes

    From today onwards, raw perilla oil

    Lee Ung Raw Perilla Oil
    By milking raw perilla seeds below 49°C without roasting them with an Espera milking machine, it does not destroy the nutrients in perilla seeds and is rich in linolenic acid, a vegetable omega-3, which has excellent efficacy. Benzopyrene 0%, consume smart for health.

    100% domestic ingredients

    For taste, color, and aroma
    No additives that are not right are added.

    The slower it is, the healthier it is.

    Unlike oil that is roasted at high temperatures for a long time, Lee Woong Food Oil is milked healthily at a low temperature, so its color is clear and golden, adhering to the traditional taste of savory and appetizing.

    Savory, fresh oil less than a week after milking

    Never pre-milking.
    At that time, milking at that time, it must be fresh, right?
    Without destroying nutrients, squeeze out the oil with a clear color.

    How do you milk Lee Ung raw perilla oil?

    1Cleaning work

    2Drying work

    3Milking operations

    4Product packaging

    Cleaning to remove debris from perilla seeds
    Drying work
    Milking operations
    Well-dried raw perilla seeds are not roasted at all, and milking is performed at less than 49°C in a high-pressure milking machine.
    Product packaging
    Packing raw milked perilla oil in glass jars

    Who produces it?

    It is a food product that produces sesame oil and perilla oil in Haenam.

    Leewoong Food grows reliable raw materials directly in the sesame/perilla farming class to produce safe and healthy food.
    Leewoong Food will process healthy and safe agricultural products that can be eaten with peace of mind, and will become a food company that always strives without losing its initial spirit.

    Where is it produced?

    The Beginning of Hope Savory perilla oil from the end of the earth village 'Haenam'

    The starting point of the southernmost continent of the Korean Peninsula is also the starting point of hope.
    It is also a proud place that has been selected as a place that the people of Korea want to visit.
    It is a beautiful natural environment area with no factory land left over from the earth, and it is a mecca for eco-friendly and high-quality agricultural products in clean air and fertile farmland.

    How is Lee Woong Food sesame oil/perilla oil different?

    Leewoong Foods uses only domestic products produced by the sesame/perilla crop group.

    The crop group was formed with 39 farms that grow sesame and perilla seeds, and the members of the crop group secured excellent varieties through technical guidance from the Rural Development Administration and the Haenam County Agricultural Technology Center, produced high-quality agricultural products through learning, and established the latest facilities as a marketing strategy project to link small-scale growers.

    How to store

    It is best to store perilla oil in a dark, cool place to better preserve its texture and aroma. Be sure to refrigerate.
    Vegetable oils go rancid by light, contact with air/moisture, and temperature changes. I'll show you how to stop rancidity

    Avoid contact with light and air as much as possible.

    Do not store in high temperature places.

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