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[Kinder Palm] 43% OFF _ Unisex Cotton Baby Hoodied Blankets (105 * 85 cm), 100% Cotton _ Made in KOREA

$33.92 $60.00

43% OFF ($60  -->  $33.92)The hood blanket is a product made of a material that protects the baby's body temperature, which is sensitive to temperature changes. It is a blanket that can be used anywhere, anytime, such as a stroller blanket, blanket for going out, outer wrap, and nap blanket.The newly designed hood can be used in variou..


[Kinder Palm] 35% OFF _ Unisex, 100% Cotton Baby Blankets (105 * 83 cm) _ Made in KOREA

$14.70 $22.16

35% OFF ($22.16 -->  $14.70)- Made of 100% pure cotton double gauze fabric, it has excellent breathability and sweat absorption and maintains the baby's body temperature.- Non-Fluorescent: Even after washing, it can be used without any irritation on the baby's skin with a soft and soft skin touch.- Portability and versatility: It can be use..

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