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[Copper Life] Baby Shower Gift Set _ Copper Fiber Apron + Wrist Protector_ Electromagnetic Wave Blocking, Anti-static, Deodorizing, Antimicrobial _ Made in KOREA

USD $93.10

[Copper Life] Baby Shower Gift Set _ Copper Fiber Apron + Wrist protector_ Electromagnetic Wave Blocking, Anti-static, Deodorizing, AntimicrobialAn embossed cleaning brush that is easy to clean baby bottles and tumbler, and a medicine bottle brush that can clean small bottles are presented as free gifts.Excellent shielding effect from el..


[Copper Life] Copper Antibacterial Wrist _ Guard Antivirus, Eco-friendly materials, anti-static, Antimicrobial_Made in KOREA

USD $5.10 USD $7.40

•Why Copper? – Copper kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses upon contact, it prevents microbes from feeding on your sweat and emitting nasty odors•For tired overworked wrist either from work, playing sports or day to day activities. A must have wrist support.•Eco-friendly copper fiber that has natural anti-bacterial, anti-odor and moisture wicking fun..


[CopperLife] copper fiber apron _ Pregnant woman's gift, antibacterial, anti-static, electromagnetic blocking, no skin irritation _ Domestic production

USD $54.80 USD $80.90

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