[HAENAME] Darae Gochujang ( red pepper paste) 1kg _Korean traditional spicy sauce , delicious and healthy  For vegan _Made in Korea

[HAENAME] Darae Gochujang ( red pepper paste) 1kg _Korean traditional spicy sauce , delicious and healthy For vegan _Made in Korea

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    The deep and savory taste of hometown fermented by the hand of masters and natural ripening

    Kiwi fruit gochujang

    I went to Haenam.

    The story of delicious Kiwi fruit chili paste made in the traditional way


    A wood fire in a cauldron
    The taste of my mother's hearty and sweaty hometown.

    For 14 years, it has been naturally fermented and aged in a jar that breathes for more than 3 years, using only local agricultural raw materials. By adding the name of a traditional miso master, it is a natural savory made in the old way.

    The secret of taste


    Sunweed chili powder

    Traditionally made buckwheat flour is infused with domestic sunflower chili powder to bring out the freshness and refreshing taste.


    Bluefin sap

    It is made with nutrient-packed bluefin sap and patented in your own special way.


    Homemade rice roughage

    It has a healthy sweet taste with carefully made rice roughage made with domestic ingredients.

    Stye gochujang

    It's delicious when you eat it like this.

    Container information by product capacity
    500g, 1kg, 3kg

    The taste of my mother soaking her intestines in the intestines!
    You can appreciate it.

    100% domestic raw materials, free of preservatives, artificial additives, and seasonings

    Haenam Beans 100 % + 99.9% Sea Salt + Natural Aging

    Domestic soybeans produced in the clean area of the earth are used, and the value of natural aging for more than 3 years is added, so you can feel the deep and rich taste of aging.
    "I went to Haenam愛", which has been passed down by the masters, is a traditional miso master located in the pristine Haenam and has been making traditional fermented foods in the old way for 14 years.

    Preparation process

    01.Cooking red pepper rice with hand-grown glutinous rice

    02.After mixing with buckwheat flour, low-salt, low-temperature aging process

    03.First aging in a jar with bluefin sap addition

    04.Add red pepper powder

    Slight browning after opening is a natural phenomenon of contact with oxygen and guarantees a natural taste.

    Capture the appearance of a simple farming village

    I went to Haenam today because it was full of the smell of fun.

    Product Information Notice
    Product The Story of Kiwi fruit Gochujang
    Types of food Gochujang
    Licence number Jeonnam Haenam 59
    Raw material name and content Glutinous rice (domestic) 27%, red pepper powder (domestic) 22%, meju flour (efflorescence/domestic) 20%, stye sap (domestic) 18%, coarse cheong (rice barley/spicy rice/domestic) 11%, salt (domestic) 2% [contains soybean]
    Capacity (weight) per packaging unit 500g, 1kg, 3kg
    producer I went to Haenam Farmer Cooperative Corporation
    location South Jeolla Haenam-gun, South Korea
    Date of manufacture Separate notation
    Shelf life or quality retention date 12 months from the date of manufacture
    How to store Refrigerate as soon as you receive it, seal it well after opening, and use it as soon as possible.

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