[Copper Life] Comfort Copper Woven Fabric Tailbone Hemorrhoids Cushion _ Apple Cushion Electromagnetic Wave Blocking Anti-static Deodorizing Antimicrobial _ Made in KOREA

[Copper Life] Comfort Copper Woven Fabric Tailbone Hemorrhoids Cushion _ Apple Cushion Electromagnetic Wave Blocking Anti-static Deodorizing Antimicrobial _ Made in KOREA

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    - The woven Copper fabric provides a soft and breathable surface for prolonged sitting and the anti-static and deodorizing properties make it easy to maintain hygiene and freshness.
    - The Tailbone Hemorrhoids Cushion helps alleviate pressure on the lower back and hips, providing relief from pain and discomfort.
    - The cushion is equipped with electromagnetic wave blocking technology, reducing exposure to harmful radiation.
    - The antimicrobial properties of the copper fabric ensure a clean and healthy environment.
    - Made in Korea with high-quality materials, the Comfort Copper Woven Fabric Tailbone Hemorrhoids Cushion is built to last.
    - Made of 90% pure cotton and 10% functional copper fiber.

    What makes it different from other cushions?
    Electromagnetic wave blocking antibacterial copper fabric Copper Life

    Comfort for the body and mind, our cushions make life more enjoyable!

    Copper fiber, electromagnetic shielding, antibacterial & deodorizing
    Embossed protrusion, thick cushioning, enhanced load-bearing tension
    Strengthen elasticity, correct posture & stability
    MESH & donuts structure, enhanced breathability

    Pregnancy, tailbone pain, pubic pain, and hemorrhoids can be debilitating.
    We understand.

    Looking for a cushion for postpartum care?
    Difficulty sitting down with tailbone pain, pubic pain, hemorrhoids?

    We'll help you achieve comfort while sitting.

    We spend a significant amount of time sitting, an average of 7-9 hours.

    It's crucial that the chair is comfortable to ensure a comfortable day and a pleasant mind.

    Experience a noticeable change in posture!
    Sit back and compare

    The foundation of a comfortable chair is the foam that supports the weight of the body. Copperlife Comfort cushion is made of high-quality foam that provides full support, excellent resilience and retention.

    Discover the secret to comfort and support with Copperlife Comfort Cushion! Made with premium PU foam,

    embossed, and copper fiber, it offers antibacterial and deodorizing properties.

    The side mesh fabric ensures breathability and the cover is removable and washable for added convenience.

    Ellipse groove design optimized for the human body
    The perineum, periphery, and prostate are comfortable

    The ultimate king of comfort and tension
    Comfort PU foam, ergonomic design for comfort, maintains tension for extended periods.

    Embossed protrusions provide additional breathability
    High elastic embossing and curved design for a comfort upgrade

    The secret of 13cm to hold the hip line
    The higher backline than others creates a stable posture

    Non-Slip Coating Material
    Non-slip coating

    Copper Life Comfort Cushion
    What's different?

    Copper-life copper fiber is used to reduce electromagnetic waves
    Recommended for pregnant women, men preparing for 2 years old, and IT office workers

    無 No worries about being surprised by static electricity
    Startling static electricity!
    Wouldn't the baby in the womb be surprised?

    Copper fibrous fiber has excellent antibacterial power and good deodorizing power
    Natural copper kills bacteria by oligo dynamic

    Fine dust free
    The fabric is static-free, so fine dust does not stick

    Distributes and processes the load on the body
    The floor is the core of the chair / comfortable floor Copper Life

    Mesh material & donut structure for excellent breathability
    Don't like the stuffiness of leather cushions?
    There is a refreshing copper life cushion

    Non-slip flooring, not slippery

    The zipper structure makes it easy to clean

    Maximize the benefits of the Copperlife Comfort cushion with these tips! Place a hot pack in the middle of the oval groove for a heated massage experience. Since the cushion is thick, it's recommended to use it with a chair that is lower than your usual seating height.

    Recommend to :

    Pregnant women about to give birth

    IT workers preparing for the age of 2

    Those with pubic pain

    Those who feel uncomfortable sitting

    Those who sit in a chair for a long time

    Size - 45cm x 42cm x 13cm (±1)
    Weight - 705g (±1)

    1 Ventilation Hole, 2 High Elasticity PU, 3 Embossing, 4 Side Mesh Fabric
    Material - Voltron copper antibacterial fiber, 3D air mesh, PU polyurethane foam
    Made in Korea


    Product Name: Copperlife Comfort Cushion

    Color: Grey

    Size : 45cm x 42cm x 13cm / Front 6cm (±1)

    Weight : 705g (±1)

    Material : Top cover (Voltron copper antibacterial fiber), Side cover (3D air mesh), Cushion (PU polyurethane)

    Manufacturer & Sales Agency : C&Tidrim / Made in Korea

    Customer Service : +82 32 - 676 - 4163

    · Do not use chlorine-based bleach (ex lax).
    ・Use mild detergent in lukewarm water below 30 degrees Celsius and hand wash alone for a short time.
    · When using the washing machine, be sure to use the washing net to wash with cold water / wool course wool shampoo.
    · Due to the nature of the fiber, it is vulnerable to hot heat, so do not wash at high temperature or use the dryer.
    · Please note that fluff may be caused by friction during washing and use.
    · For dark colors, please wash them separately from other products.
    · After the use and washing of the product, it is difficult to exchange and return.
    · Due to the nature of the product, it may have a smell inherent in copper

    Cushion Precautions
    · PP, a cushion cushion material, causes air bubbles in the process. Please note that there is nothing wrong with the product.
    · The cushion copper fiber surface is an embossed protrusion inside the PP foam, which is made for ventilation and elasticity.
    · Depending on the monitor and mobile resolution, there may be differences from the actual colors.
    · This product can be compensated in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.

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    *Prevents static electricity in Copper Life products*

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