[Copper Life] Men's Boxer Briefs, Copper Fabric Underwear 6P_ Anti-static, Electromagnetic reduction,  Antimicrobial, Deodorizing effect_ Made in KOREA

[Copper Life] Men's Boxer Briefs, Copper Fabric Underwear 6P_ Anti-static, Electromagnetic reduction, Antimicrobial, Deodorizing effect_ Made in KOREA

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    • Copper fabric is a highly effective antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact, preventing the growth of microorganisms and odors.
    • Copperlife boxer briefs are designed to keep you fresh and comfortable, preventing bacteria, odors, and moisture buildup.
    • The copper fabrics used in our products are eco-friendly and offer natural antibacterial, deodorizing, and moisture-absorbing properties.
    • Constructed with 90% pure cotton and 10% functional copper fiber, our boxer briefs are both comfortable and effective in protecting against bacteria and unwanted odors.
    • All our products are 100% domestically produced in Korea.

    99.9% Killed
    Antimicrobial deodorizing functional copper fabric
    Men's Boxer Briefs

    Certified to maintain functionality even after 100 washes!

    Functional copper fiber provides superior deodorization and antibacterial properties for optimal freshness and hygiene.

    Copper fiber fabric, already proven for its superior antiviral capabilities,
    ensures all-day freshness and cleanliness.

    Superior spinning technology and high-performance materials enhance the functionality of our products

    Our 70 p. mono-spinning technology and advanced mixing and twisting techniques enhance the performance of our Voltron copper fiber, ensuring your safety and comfort.

    Always like new! End worrying about germs and odors
    Certified to eliminate 99.9% of coronavirus

    Copper fiber products offer natural sterilization, deodorization,
    and germ control, providing all-day comfort and safety.

    Functional maintenance certification even for 100 washes!
    Safe & Clean Sustainable

    Underwear that needs to be washed frequently!
    Even after 100 washes, 99.9% of the sterilization effect is maintained, so please use with confidence!

    What makes it different from a regular Men's Boxer Briefs?
    Safe & Clean Sustainable

    A - Regular cotton Men's Boxer Briefs
    1. Good value for money 2. Popular and used a lot 3. Wide range of colors to choose from 4. Various colors use chemicals 5. Poor durability prevents long-lasting use

    B - Copper Fabric Men's Boxer Briefs
    1. Antiviral, antibacterial, deodorizing functional patent fabric 2. Conductive copper keeps dust at bay 3. Better breathing and absorbent than ordinary cotton 4. Functionality that lasts even after 100 washes! 5. Excellent spinning technology and durability, unbleached/fluorescent free

    A Different Level of Detail & Ultimate Quality
    Safe & Clean Sustainable

    100% Made in Korea
    With 30 years of experience in technology certified by domestic and foreign professional institutions, it is 100% domestic production from fabric to sewing.

    Rapid drying & skin hypoallergenic
    Absorbs quickly and dries quickly!
    Plus! For your precious me, use hypoallergenic functional fabric for sensitive skin with peace of mind

    Deodorizing power like new
    Safe & Clean Sustainable

    Conductive Boxer Briefs to men's health
    Safe & Clean Sustainable

    Front Voltron fabric! Superior functionality and
    Softness is fundamental to safety and durability

    Voltron copper fiber protects precious parts with premium functional patented fabrics that kill bacteria and deodorize electromagnetic wave care.

    Individual package listing also great for gifts
    Safe & Clean Sustainable

    Safe & Clean Sustainable

    Detailed size (+-2cm)
    Size 1. Waist width 2. Side length 3. Leg width

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