[Nasil_Family] KFDA certified _ SSS Subacid Shampoo 1350ml / 45.64 oz + 5ml 10 pcs _ Scalp care, Dandruff care, Strengthening hair _ Made In Korea

[Nasil_Family] KFDA certified _ SSS Subacid Shampoo 1350ml / 45.64 oz + 5ml 10 pcs _ Scalp care, Dandruff care, Strengthening hair _ Made In Korea

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    Triple S is an honest Hair loss Shampoo.

    * Those with dandruff
    * People who care a lot about their scalp
    * Those with severe hair odor due to excessive scalp oil
    * Those who feel that their hair is thinning
    * People who feel different from before when washing their hair

    Triple S Shampoo is a product that can use the phrase 'helping to alleviate hair loss' certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea.
    It is a safely produced product that helps relieve hair loss symptoms containing 1% of Zinc pyrithione, which is resistant to oily scalp problems.

    It is the most stable pH 5.5 subacid shampoo when human skin and hair come into contact with each other, allowing sensitive scalp to be used with confidence, solidifying cuticles, and adding flexibility.

    * For wholesale or import price inquiries, please contact cs email cs@roasexpo.com.

    * Point 1.
    The main cause of oily scalp trouble, Malassezia!
    Among the various causes of oily scalp problems, the biggest cause is Malassezia.
    Unsaturated glass fatty acids abandoned due to malassezia come out of the skin and accumulate excessively cause scalp problems and in severe cases cause hair loss.

    * Point 2.
    Even if you wash your hair well, Malassezia doesn't disappear. We need Zinc pyrithione.
    If sebum secretion is high, oily scalp problems can be difficult to solve with regular shampoo. 
    Therefore, hair loss shampoo containing Zinc pyrithione can be improved and managed.

    * Point 3.
    Triple S contains Zinc pyrithione 1% of the standard approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea.
    It improves dandruff and solves oily scalp problems.

    Triple S hair loss shampoo is 1,350ml. Based on the average 5~6ml used once, it can be used 225~270 times.

    Excluding 10 harmful ingredients, scalp and hair care is possible more safely and healthily.

    Through user feedback, we found the most optimized menthol content after continuous research, which cools the scalp.

    * FAQ
    1. How should I use Triple S Shampoo to get the full effect?
    If you have oily scalp, you must wash your hair in the morning and evening, and if you have dry scalp, you can wash it once in the evening.
    When washing your hair, especially oily skin needs to remove sebum from your scalp, so apply a little force to wrap your scalp with the feeling of peeling off the sebum with your fingertips.
    If you wait for about 3 minutes and finish the effective shampoo, you will be able to see the best effect of Triple S.

    2. My eyes sting when shampooing, and my skin gets hot when I touch bubbles.
    Triple S shampoo contains menthol, so in the beginning, people with weak skin may feel irritating due to hot skin. However, that part will be adapted after about a week, and the feeling of contact with the skin and the irritation of shampoo are not proportional.
    Triple S is a subacid shampoo that is milder than regular shampoo. If it's too hot, don't wait and wash it early. Then, as time goes by, you can gradually increase the usage time.

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