[Macklin] Secret Multi Balm, 10g _ All-in-One Wrinkle care, Wrinkle & Whitening Dual function, natural ingredients, skin irritation tested, OK before and after makeup, Stick type _ Made in KOREA

[Macklin] Secret Multi Balm, 10g _ All-in-One Wrinkle care, Wrinkle & Whitening Dual function, natural ingredients, skin irritation tested, OK before and after makeup, Stick type _ Made in KOREA

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  • (주)맥클린코스메틱 / Macklin Cosmetic
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  • Product Description

    - Highly concentrated ampoule: One multi-balm is filled with high-quality ampoule to brighten and revitalize the skin.
    - Wrinkle problem solving: Just by applying, it forms a moisture film and has an effect of improving wrinkles (wrinkles on the neck, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the eyes, forehead wrinkles, lip wrinkles, etc.)
    - Convenient anytime, anywhere: It is convenient to carry and use in the form of a stick. Can be used anytime before or after makeup
    - Natural ingredients: Contains natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. Skin irritation test completed


    Skin elasticity, wrinkle care

    Maclean's Secret Multibomb

    Deepening wrinkles, unelastic skin
    Lifeless face, dull skin

    One Maclean Multi Balm Wrinkle Management Done!

    Anti-wrinkle · Whitening double functional cosmetics

    Skin irritation tested

    Sunflower Seed Shea Butter Hyaluronic Acid

    Simple, hygienic

    Super simple wrinkle care and radiant skin

    wrinkle improvement, hygiene, moisturizing, spreadability, skin radiance, whitening, elasticity, easy

    Highly concentrated ampoules

    Bright, clear skin

    Elasticity filled

    neck wrinkles, nasolabial folds, eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, lip wrinkles

    As soon as it is applied, a moisture film is formed, moisturizing dry skin and treating wrinkles.

    Moist and soft glow

    Before using MAKE-UP

    Water light charging

    After using MAKE-UP

    Honey light charging

    Clumping, greasy, stuffiness No! Softness YES!
    Solid highly concentrated ampoule formulation moisturizes and nourishes

    Once and for all!

    Shiney, oily

    Sticky, stuffy feeling

    Recommended for these people!

    Those who want fine wrinkles, dry skin, rough skin, lack of moisture, and watery skin in the face

    Comfortable size to carry

    Sunflower seed oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid

    Pure vegetable source from nature

    Grape skin, lemon, lavender, tea tree leaf, black tea, centella asiatica leaf, aloe vera leaf, purslane, sagebrush, medicinal wheat

    Product Name: Maclean Secret Multibalm

    Capacity : 10g

    Product main specification: All skin types

    Expiration date and manufacturing date: Indicated separately

    Manufacturer Responsible Distributor: For; Separately marked MacClean Cosmetics

    Country of origin : Republic of Korea

    Precautions for use
    1. When using cosmetics or after use, consult a specialist if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling or itching in the area of use due to direct sunlight.
    2. Refrain from using on areas with wounds
    3. Precautions for storage and handling
    Keep out of reach of children, out of direct sunlight
    4. Avoid the eye area

    Quality Assurance Standards
    If there is any abnormality in this product, we will compensate you in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.

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