[Macklin] Premium Peptide Volume Essence, 100ml _ Wrinkle improvement with 14 peptides, whitening double function, Soothing essence, Micro Oxygen Bubble moisturizing effect _ Made in KOREA

[Macklin] Premium Peptide Volume Essence, 100ml _ Wrinkle improvement with 14 peptides, whitening double function, Soothing essence, Micro Oxygen Bubble moisturizing effect _ Made in KOREA

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  • Product Description

    - 14 kinds of peptides: Smaller than protein, peptides increase absorption power to help improve skin wrinkles and elasticity.
    - Centella asiatica extract: Easy skin care with one multi-essence containing centella asiatica extract, which is excellent for skin soothing and hydration.
    - Micro-oxygen bubbles: Small air particles that rise when applied increase the amount of moisture in the skin, enhancing moisturizing, elasticity, and soothing effects.
    - Complete skin hypoallergenic test.

    14 fabtides

    Replenish elasticity from the depths

    Whitening, wrinkle improvement double functional cosmetics

    elasticity, wrinkle improvement
    Basics, nutrition
    Whitening effect
    Water glow skin

    Premium Peptide Volume Essence Upgrade

    Increase of high-performance ingredients / Improvement of usability

    peptide ingredients, freshness, spreadability, moisture retention, usability

    POINT 01

    Why peptides?

    It helps improve skin wrinkles for firm skin.


    Microproteins >>> Peptides

    It is an ingredient that constitutes protein, which is essential for our body, and helps improve skin wrinkles

    POINT 02

    Straightening the broken momentum

    Hydrated collagen and 14 peptides keep skin firm and firm.

    Oligopeptide-32, cozylcarboxydipeptide-23, nicotinoyl tripeptide-1, oligopeptide-29, galloyl pentapeptide-33, SH-decapeptide-7, SH-octapeptide-4, SH-oligopeptide-9, SH-pentapeptide-19, café oil SH-octapeptide-4, digalloyl tetrapeptide-19, SH-decapeptide-9, SH-pentapeptide-5, pentapeptide-46

    POINT 03

    Soothing and hydrating centella asiatica extract base

    Skin care made easy

    Just one essence makes it possible to take care of everything from hydration to strengthening the skin barrier.

    Microoxygen bubble

    The tiny air particles that rise immediately after applying the essence temporarily increase the skin's moisture level, adding moisture, elasticity and soothing.

    Essence formulation that forms a moisturizing film

    Replenishes moisture on the inside and finishes with a subtle glow on the outside

    Main ingredients

    14 peptides

    It is skin-friendly and has excellent anti-aging effects such as wrinkle improvement, regeneration, and moisturizing.

    Centella asiatica extract

    Gives skin elasticity and helps to soothe it.

    Hydrolyzed Collagen

    It moisturizes and denses the skin for firmer skin.

    Borpirin extract (zimo root)

    It revitalizes the skin and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

    Naturally derived extracts

    Gently soothes sensitive skin.

    I recommend these people!

    You need hydration, glow and radiance
    Those who want to manage absorption, nutrition, moisture, elasticity

    Apply a thin layer on the front of the face and wait for a while.
    When an oxygen bubble forms, tap it lightly to absorb it sufficiently.
    Massage gently into each area.

    Product Name: Premium Peptide Volume Essence

    Capacity: 100mL / 3.38 fl.oz

    Product main specification: For all skin types

    Expiration date and manufacturing date: Indicated separately

    Responsible Distributor : McClean Cosmetics

    Country of origin : Republic of Korea

    Precautions for use
    1. When using cosmetics or after use, consult a specialist if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling or itching in the area of use due to direct sunlight.
    2. Refrain from using on areas with wounds
    3. Precautions for storage and handling
    Keep out of reach of children, out of direct sunlight

    Quality Assurance Standards
    If there is any abnormality in this product, we will compensate you in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.

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