We live surrounded by so many colors.  This color is not just beautiful, but it has its own meaning. What's interesting is that the power of color is more powerful than you think. It affects thoughts, feelings, and actions without knowing it.

Companies use the psychological properties of these colors to do so-called 'color marketing'. However, reading the flow is very important because the consumer's sense of color changes with the times.

Color marketing that moves people's minds to see which colors sell well and what colors to use to see the effect!

Let's learn about consumers' color preferences^^

" What color do you like?

- The most preferred color by age -

Overall, I prefer the blue and greenseries, especially after the age of 70.

The colors you don't prefer are yellow and brown.

- Color preferences based on gender -

The most preferred color for all men and women is blue!

According to a YouGov survey, surveys around the world show that blue is the most popular color in 10 countries on four continents, including China!.

The most preferred color is brown, which is numberone.

When we create new products or brand companies,

Choose a color that takes into account your product and your company's preferences and customers' needs.

That's why when you create a product in a color that meets your preferences and needs,

because it has the greatest ripple power.

If you're worried about color,

Please contact us with it.^^