[HAENAME] Darae Gochujang ( red pepper paste) 1kg _Korean traditional spicy sauce , delicious and healthy  For vegan _Made in Korea

[HAENAME] Darae Gochujang ( red pepper paste) 1kg _Korean traditional spicy sauce , delicious and healthy For vegan _Made in Korea

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    KOREAN Traditional Food

    A delicious Dare Gochujang ( red pepper paste) story made in a traditional way

    Made of firewood in a cauldron,

    The taste of my hometown made with my mother's sincerity.

    For 14 years, only local agricultural ingredients were used and naturally fermented in a breathing pot for more than 3 years.

    The savory nature of nature created in the old way by adding the name of a traditional soybean paste master.

    -The secret to taste-

    1, Red pepper powder (Taeyangcho)

    Taeyangcho is red pepper powder produced in Korea.

    It has a delicious spicy taste and enables the best taste of red pepper paste.

    2. Cham darae 

    It patented  with nutritious Cham darae sap and manufactured it in a special way.

    3, Hand-made grain syrup.

    -It has a healthy taste with grain syrup made with Korean ingredients

    *It's delicious if you eat it like this

    국내산 원료 100%, 방부제 , 인공첨가물 , 조미료 

    500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg

    Haenam beans. 100% + 99.9% sun salt + natural ripening.

    Domestic soybeans produced in the clean area at the end of the ground were used,

    and the value of natural aging for more than three years adds to the value of time,

    so you can feel the deep and rich taste of aging.

    Master's secret to 
    Traditional soybean paste masters

    have been making traditional fermented foods

    for 14 years as they used to be in clean Haenam.

    상품정보 제공고시

    식품의 유형된장
    유전자재조합식품에 해당하는 경우의 표시해당없음
    원재료명 및 함량콩(백태,국내산)98%,식염(국내산)2%, [대두함유]
    포장단위별 용량(중량)500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 5kg
    생산자해남에다녀왔습니다 영농조합법인 (전남 해남군 삼산면 덕촌길 18-10)
    소재지해남에다녀왔습니다 영농조합법인 (전남 해남군 삼산면 덕촌길 18-10)
    유통기한 또는 품질유지기한제조일로부터 12개월
    보관방법받으시는 즉시 냉장보관 하시고 개봉 후 잘 밀봉하여 가급적 빠른 시일내에 사용하십시요.
    소비자상담 관련 전화번호061-532-4179, 010-5548-8200
    법률에 따른 문구 작성해당없음

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