Basil Seed Candy BoolreoBoolreo Strawberry Flavor 4 Pack (480g)_Sugar-Free Candy, Purnong, Basil Seed Candy_made in korea

Basil Seed Candy BoolreoBoolreo Strawberry Flavor 4 Pack (480g)_Sugar-Free Candy, Purnong, Basil Seed Candy_made in korea

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    [Purunong] BoolreoBoolreo Basil Seed Candy Strawberry Flavor 4 Pack (4packs, 480g)

    -This product uses basil seeds as the main ingredient. Basil seeds are rich in healthy nutrients and dietary fiber, and may help improve digestion and suppress appetite.

    - These candies are made with no sugar. So, you don't need to add sugar or artificial sweeteners to enjoy the sweet taste. Sugar-free products are suitable for people who need blood sugar control or those who need to limit their sugar intake.

    -Available in two different flavors: kiwi and strawberry. It offers a wide range of choices, allowing consumers to choose their preferred flavors. The variety of flavors makes for a more enjoyable snacking experience.

    -Basil seed sugar-free candies are great as a healthy snacking option. The nutrient and fiber content of basil seeds helps with digestion and keeps you full. Therefore, this product can be a good choice for those who are on a diet or want to stay healthy.

    - This product is available in a capacity of 120 grams. It provides convenience to consumers with moderate amounts of snacks. It's perfect to carry in a small bag or pocket, and it's also a great size to snack on after a meal.

    -Capacity: 480g, 120g x 4packs

    "Feel free to fill up!"
    Stuffed basil seed candy
    Eat only salad & chicken breast every day for management
    You're always hungry!
    I can't stand fake hunger
    You make a late-night snack!
    My mouth is bored and snacks
    You who live sweetly every day!
    Satiety UP Sugar content DOWN
    Basil seed fills you up
    Sugar-free sugar content DOWN
    If you've started managing to be lighter,
    Is the answer to be patient?
    It's not!
    Stay in good shape
    Moderate sugar intake helps produce energy
    Desire for food
    Putting up with it unconditionally increases your craving for food
    However, even if you eat a snack, you will feel hungry and because of the high sugar content
    Are you worried about your health?
    Made for these concerns
    BoolreoBoolreo Basil Seed Candy!
    Satiety UP
    Contains 5% of nutritious basil seeds that swell when it comes into contact with water
    Sugar Free
    Sugar-free sugar test standard, sugar content 0.0%
    Full of freshness
    100% from Korea, strawberry & tuna concentrate
    The secret to satiety!
    BoolreoBoolreo 'Basil Seed'
    Dietary fiber
    Vitamin E
    A variety of nutrients in basil seeds!
    Basil seeds are the seeds of basil and look similar to black sesame seeds.
    It is rich in dietary fiber and has high hydrophilicity, so when soaked in water, it forms a white film that swells and gives you a feeling of satiety even if you eat a little.
    *This is nutritional information based on raw materials.
    Check out the changes in basil seeds!
    Jelly as fluffy
    Basil seed fills you up!
    When it comes into contact with water, it squirms! Is it blowing~
    BoolreoBoolreo Basil Seed Candy
    'Sugar Free'
    Sugar test results
    Sugar content 0.0g
    BoolreoBoolreo Kiwi Flavor & Strawberry Flavor Nutrition Information
    Instead of sugar, I used maltitol and palatine, which are less absorbed and low in calories, to reduce the sugar burden significantly!
    Sugar OUT!
    What is Maltitol?
    As a sugar substitute sweetener, it has a sugar content of about 60~70% of sugar, and it is used as a low-calorie sugar substitute sweetener because it is difficult to absorb.
    *Source: Dictionary of Nutrition
    Slow calorie
    What is Palatinos?
    It is a functional body that is also found in natural honey and sugar cane, and it is absorbed by the body 1/5 slower than sugar, so it is a slow-calorie energy that helps to supply energy for a long time.
    *Source: Journal of the Korean Society of Food and Nutrition Science, Korean Society of Food Sciences
    Q. What are the advantages of being absorbed slowly?
    A. Keeps you full!
    A. It doesn't accumulate in the body!
    Absorbs quickly
    Inability to utilize energy
    As it is, it accumulates in the body
    Absorb slowly
    Utilized as an energy source
    Increased calorie consumption rate
    Palatinos are absorbed slowly and used as an energy source so they don't accumulate in the body.
    Because it is absorbed slowly, it allows for a continuous supply of sugars to keep you full.
    *Source: Slow Calorie Palatinose, Korean Society of Food Sciences
    Full of freshness in the mouth!
    100% domestic-made
    Use strawberries, blueberry concentrate
    BoolreoBoolreo's strawberry and tuna concentrate is made using only 100% domestic strawberries and blueberries.
    Proof of Origin
    Eat like this!
    BoolreoBoolreo 1! 2! 3!
    1 pill when you're hungry, 2 glasses of water 3 times a day!
    1 BoolreoBoolreo with water!
    Full UP! Appetite STOP!
    Basil seeds can take water away from the body, so it's best to take them with plenty of water.
    BoolreoBoolreo Basil Seed Candy
    In this case, enjoy it!
    1 pill for satiety during diet management!
    1 pill for sugar recharge after exercise!
    1 sweet and sour anytime, anywhere!
    HACCP is a food safety management system that analyzes, eliminates, and manages hazards that may occur in the process of production, manufacturing, processing, and distribution of food raw materials. It is a mark that has been rigorously evaluated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Administration and can only be applied to genuine foods.
    BoolreoBoolreo Basil Seed Candy is HACCP certified and manufactured in a trusted facility.
    Maltitol Certificate of Origin
    Slow Calorie Sugar (Palatines) Certificate of Origin
    Basil seed import documents
    BoolreoBoolreo Basil Candy Item Manufacturing Report
    Self-quality inspection report
    Liability Insurance
    Pesticide residue test report
    HACCP Certificate
    Product Details
    Product BoolreoBoolreo Strawberry Flavored Basil Seed Candy
    capacity 480g, 120g X 4packs
    Vendor Purunong
    Warnings Store in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.
    All Ingredients
    [Strawberry Flavor]
    Maltitol, Palatine, Basil Seed (from India) 5%, Citric acid, malic acid, tuna concentrate 0.3%, kiwi flavor (synthetic flavor), gardenia blue pigment (natural pigment)

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