[Copper Life] Premium Clean Copper Fiber Bath Towel, Antibacterial Odor Free Cotton Hotel Towel _ Deodorizing towel, Zero Dust, Anti-Static _ Made In KOREA

[Copper Life] Premium Clean Copper Fiber Bath Towel, Antibacterial Odor Free Cotton Hotel Towel _ Deodorizing towel, Zero Dust, Anti-Static _ Made In KOREA

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    • Why copper fiber? – Copper kills bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact and prevents microorganisms from sweating and giving off bad odors.
    • Excellent antibacterial, odor, and dust absorption makes premium towels versatile.
    • Suitable for all bathrooms, kitchens, gyms and as beach towels.
    • 94% cotton 6% performance copper fiber
    • 100% domestic

    Coronavirus kills 99.9%
    Dust-free, skin mild
    Antibacterial, deodorizing functional copper fiber
    Premium Clean Beach Towel
    Beach towels as well as versatile blankets!

    Premium Clean Towel Beach Launch
    Same fabric and functionality! The size is bigger!

    The antibacterial deodorizing function remains the same! Excellent absorption is basic!
    Provides the best freshness

    40 like a 7 star hotel
    Excellent absorption! copper fiber towel

    94% pure cotton and 6% functional copper fiber optimal ratio!
    Use of domestic spinning top-grade combing yarn

    Functional maintenance certification even for 100 washes!

    What makes it different from a regular towel?

    Plain cotton towel
    Good value for money and soft
    It's popular and used a lot.
    Lots of choices in a variety of colors
    Various colors use chemicals
    It is not durable and cannot be used for a long time
    copper fiber towel
    Antiviral, antibacterial, deodorizing functional patent fabric
    The conductivity of copper keeps the dust out!
    Better breathability and water absorption than ordinary cotton!
    Functionality that lasts even after 100 washes!
    Excellent spinning technology and durability &unbleached/fluorescent free

    Deodorizing power like new
    Deodorant tested! Use comfortably

    Whisk, dust-free towels

    Copper's inherent conductivity prevents dust from sticking!
    Friction vs. voltage test Static electricity is generated inherently

    A Different Level of Detail & Ultimate Quality

    Excellent absorption is basic!
    High Quality & 100% Domestic

    30 years of experience in technology certified by domestic and overseas professional organizations!
    Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese beach towels!
    Copper Life Beach Towel guarantees excellent water absorption.

    Generous size for versatile blanket
    In addition to beach towels, there are plenty of sizes to use as blankets, baby comforters, blankets, large bath towels, etc.

    Wouldn't the thicker it is, the smellier it smells?
    The proliferation power of bacteria is proportional to the thicker the fabric, but copper life copper fiber can always be used comfortably and softly due to copper's inherent antibacterial and deodorizing function.

    Will less laundry keep me clean?
    Towels that need to be washed weekly! Washing after one or two uses will reduce durability and produce microplastic laundry contaminants.
    You can use the Copper Life towel 2~3 times more than a regular towel.

    Height 140cm x Width 70cm (±2)
    94% cotton + 6% copper fiber
    Australia / C&Tidrim


    Product Name: Copper Life Premium Clean Beach Towel

    Color: Grey, Beige

    Size : 140cm x 70cm (±2)

    Material : Pure cotton 94% acrylic 6% (copper fiber)

    Manufacturer & Sales Agency : C&Tidrim / Made in Korea

    Customer Service : +82 32 - 676 - 4163

    · Do not use chlorine-based bleach (ex lax).
    ・Use mild detergent in lukewarm water below 30 degrees Celsius and hand wash alone for a short time.
    · When using the washing machine, be sure to use the washing net to wash with cold water / wool course wool shampoo.
    · Due to the nature of the fiber, it is vulnerable to hot heat, so do not wash at high temperature or use the dryer.
    · Please note that fluff may be caused by friction during washing and use.
    · For dark colors, please wash them separately from other products.
    · After the use and washing of the product, it is difficult to exchange and return.
    · Due to the nature of the product, it may have a smell inherent in copper
    ・Due to the nature of the material, there may be an error in the measurement size

    Depending on the monitor and mobile resolution, there may be differences from the actual colors.
    This product can be compensated in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.

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