[Copper Life]  Copper Fiber Cotton Diaper, 5 Sheets _Electrostatic ZERO, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial _Made in KOREA

[Copper Life] Copper Fiber Cotton Diaper, 5 Sheets _Electrostatic ZERO, Antimicrobial, Antibacterial _Made in KOREA

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    • Why copper fiber? – Copper kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact, preventing microorganisms from sweating and giving off bad odors.
    • Safe for all skin and odor-free multi-purpose ECO cotton diapers.
    • Antibacterial ECO diapers that can be used as burlap cloths, facial towels, and baby wipes. Perfect as a baby shower or newborn gift.
    • 90% cotton 10% copper fiber
    • 100% domestic made (Korea, South)

    Premium functional yarn
    Antibacterial/Deodorant/Electromagnetic Wave Reduction
    Copper antibacterial fiber
    Set of 5 diapers

    All Copperlife products are made of copper-ionized fiber.

    Protect your loved one from bacterial and germs with  copper fiber

    Copper ionizing fiber reduces electromagnetic waves

    What makes Copper Life products unique? They retain the properties of copper even with 100 washes.

    Ionic bonding (voltron fiber)
    Excellent functionality Semi-permanent use

    Coating / post-processing first function is excellent Reduced function after washing
    Synthetic radiation semi-permanent usable function is trapped in the fiber

    Natural The color that most expresses the properties of copperIn fact, copperlife is different from the usual diaper color. A color that expresses the properties of copper well Our choice was this color

    Copper Life Cloth Diapers
    What's different?

    1. Antibacterial, deodorizing copper ion fiber destroys the cell structure of microorganisms and inhibits bacteria, viruses and fungal bacteria. Protect your health from dust mites, germs and viruses

    2.Electromagnetic wave reduction Please take care of a child from electromagnetic waves. Copperlife See for yourself its electromagnetic blocking ability

    3.Zero static electricityDon't be surprised! Static electricity ZERO! Copper Life

    4. Fine dust does not stick, and the cause of dust sticking to the fabric is static paper, electrostatic fabric, so it is comfortable.

    5.Maintain stable body temperature Copper fiber absorbs and protects heat to keep body temperature stable.

    6.Please choose the copper life which maintains properties of copper even if you wash 100 times and retains properties even if you wash 100 times

    It is said to be due to the Oligodynamic Effect.
    Bacteria on the copper surface recognize copper ions as essential nutrients and absorb them into the cell.
    The absorbed copper ions puncture the bacteria, which causes them to lose nutrients and moisture through the pores.
    By attracting free radicals through the ear holes, the bacteria are completely killed.

    Antimicrobial mechanism of copper

    01 Bacteria recognize copper ions as essential nutrients and absorb them into cells.
    02 Infiltrated copper ions puncture the bacterial cell membrane, causing the cell to lose important nutrients and water.
    03 Copper ions attract free radicals through holes in the cell membrane.
    04 Bacteria severely interfere with respiration and metabolism, and DNA damage impairs (kills) 99.9% of their function within 2 hr.

    Antiviral mechanism of copper

    The 01 virus considers copper ions to be its host and contacts surfaces. (Spike Contacing)
    02 The virus opens its membrane to replicate and releases genetic material (RNA).
    03 Generates an RNA replication interference signal in copper ions. (Gene combination inhibition)
    - Natural frequency of copper forms a disturbing signal (prevent variant virus)

    KC Certificate Safety Confirmation Declaration
    (Safety confirmation report confirmation certificate together)

    Oh my gosh! Curious, right?

    Copper fiber fabric
    Electromagnetic attenuation
    Antibacterial power 99.9%
    Deodorizing function (small sweat odor)
    Good temperature retention
    Fluorescent-free fabric
    Fabric price is the highest
    Constraints on fabric color
    Bamboo fabric
    The softest fabric
    Fluorescent-free fabric
    Recycled bamboo fiber
    Fabric price is high
    Bamboo ratio check required
    100% cotton fabric
    100% cotton (partly organic)
    Fluorescent-free fabric
    Excellent value for money
    Good absorption capacity
    Reasonable price

    Size : Width (90cm), Height (110cm)
    Composition Cotton 90% Polyyester 10% (copper fiber)
    This product can be compensated in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission

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