[Aptosol]Apto-spots skin peeling system (Pain-free skin-filling system) _ Made in KOREA

[Aptosol]Apto-spots skin peeling system (Pain-free skin-filling system) _ Made in KOREA

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    *Painless antioxidant self peeling
    *Effects on acne, non-lipoma, freckles, stomatum, freckles, etc.
    *The 28th exfoliation cycle is advanced to make dark and dull skin clear and transparent.
    *Apto Spot has no pain and is easy to perform.
      Daily life is possible.
    *It is safe and has high post-treatment satisfaction.
    *You can check the effect in a week.
    *Treatment is possible for all skin types.

    (How to use it)

    1. After washing your face, apply basic cosmetics and apply the Aptospot to the area after 10 minutes.
    Light peeling (using pumping 5 times) Speech peeling level.
    Stronger peeling (using 10 pumps) professional peeling level.
    After two or three days, dead skin cells begin to occur from the start of the entry and the entire process is completed after seven days.
    The dead skin cells that occur should not be removed on purpose until they are naturally removed, and should be soothed by applying moisturizer.

    After washing your face, applying an aptospot to your face absorbs antioxidants into your skin for 5 hours with Miyoung. After washing your face, apply moisturizer.After three days, peeling slowly begins around the mouth.
    You must apply sunscreen when you go out, and it is recommended to use oily moisturizers at home. The most important things for skin regeneration after filling are cool temperature, oil moisture, and UV protection.

    *Unlike your face, your hands have thick skin, so you should apply a thick apto-spot.

    What is APTO-SPOT?

    A healthy person's keratin exchange cycle is 28 days.
    If the exfoliation is delayed for health reasons, our skin will become dark and dull.
    To solve this problem, it is necessary to speed up the keratin exchange cycle.
    APTO-SPOT is a cream that accelerates the keratin exchange cycle and plays a corresponding role.
    Just using APTO-SPOT for 1 week will make your dark and dull skin transparent.

    *It is effective for such skin
    melasmahyperpigmentation, acne, dark nd dull skin, Wide pores, wrinkles

    *Advantages of APTO-SPOT
    1. There is no pain and the procedure is simple.
    2. Daily life is possible immediately after the procedure.
    3. Safe and highly satisfied after the procedure.
    4. You can see the effect in one week.
    5. Treatment is possible for all skin types.

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