[BY_Glove] GMG13013_KPGA Official_ Gmax Sheepskin Golf Gloves for Men _ Right Hand

[BY_Glove] GMG13013_KPGA Official_ Gmax Sheepskin Golf Gloves for Men _ Right Hand

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    Gmax Golf Ultra Natural Parchment Gloves

    Product Name Gmax Golf Ultra Natural Parchment Gloves
    material Natural sheepskin, Lycra
    Origin Indonesia
    Manufacturer Bumyang Glove
    configuration Men's Right Hand
    size (M) .22,23,24,25,26

    Using the finest natural sheepskin, natural sheepskin is padded to provide the soft, non-slip, stable grip characteristic of sheepskin and enhance the durability of the gloves.

    Made from natural sheepskin, it is harmless to the human body and has a luxurious appearance and at the same time and an improved fit when gripping or swinging.

    When gripping, a highly elastic spandex incision line is placed in the joint area to improve free movement, so you feel a natural movement and close grip.

    Natural sheepskin leather is used throughout the palm area to provide a stable and natural grip without slipping.
    An ergonomic incision line is inserted in the high-movement area for a comfortable fit and excellent mobility, while a large wrist area Velcro and a soft Illa stick band make it easy to detach and hold the wrist steadily to increase the activity of the glove.

    Ergonomic wrist TPR Velcro with a stable fit!

    Ergonomic incision line in the palm of your hand!

    Spandex placement for a natural and comfortable fit!

    Good air circulation due to the air hole between the fingers!

    Wide and soft stable banding of the wrist part!

    Air holes are provided between the fingers and the fingertips to circulate the air inside the gloves.
    It is sweat-free and moisture-resistant, so even if worn for a long time, it always provides a pleasant and fresh feel.

    Equipped with ergonomic TPR Velcro, it is easy to detach, and its large area provides a stable grip on the wrist.
    It is harmless to the human body, and the elastic TPR is used to prevent sweating or harming the skin in a high-temperature environment.

    Do not dry, do not dry dryer, do not dehydrate, do not use bleach, do not use ironing

    There may be errors depending on how the product is measured, and there may be some color differences depending on the monitor specifications.

    Leather material
    Leather products are non-washable.
    To remove contamination, use a professional detergent and rub it lightly on a clean cloth.
    Store in a windy place with low temperatures, and humidity.

    Fabric material
    Fabric products are washable products.
    Use a mild detergent in lukewarm water, gently hand wash, and air dry in a shady and airy place with low temperature and humidity.
    Do not use chlorine-based bleach.

    As a company that has passed the quality assurance test by the national accredited institution 'Korea Construction and Living Environment Testing Institute', it is a product that has passed through performance evaluation and stability evaluation.

    This product has been verified for stability through testing by KATRI Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute, and it is a product that has received KC certification and complies with the Electrical Appliances and Household Products Safety Management Act.

    Bumyang Glove is a specialized development and distribution company for gloves and is the only total glove company in Korea that has dealt only with gloves since its foundation in 1987.

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