Many people and companies use social media for publicity purposes, but in the midst of so many content competitors, they are contemplating how their writing can attract people's attention and allow commercials to focus on reading it, but they are wondering how and how long they should write..

In this article, I will  introduce the ideal length of content and titles from the perspective of digital marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and the focus on user content, as well as other social medias  which have many users around the world .


Ideal Facebook length


First, let's take a look at the ideal content length of social media giant Facebook,  which has1.69 million users worldwide (2020), although its user expansion and the loyalty of the brand is weakening declining from 2019.

Facebook post length - within 40 to 80characters

Facebook post length is 20characters It is ideal to write within 80characters. According to many digital marketing research organizations, facebook posts written within 80 characters attract the attention and attention of more than 88% of subscribers. Therefore, when you write a post, you should focus on getting subscribers click with concise phrases.  If you are greedy to give a lot of information, you should be careful because it can get away from your subscribers and cause my hard work to be in vain and become dead content.


Ideal Facebook headline length - 5words

According to a survey of 37,000Facebook ads by advertising specialist Edspreso, the average length of facebook ad headlines that grab people's attention and lead to clicks is surprisingly short words. The things to keep in mind are that people read content when they see headlines, but at the same time respond visually.

Ideal Facebook ad body length - 14 words

So what is the ideal body length of the ad?  Typically, when you're advertising on Facebook, you attach an image or video and put the text on it, and according to Edespresso, the efficiency of the text goes beyond 16 words, and the efficiency drops dramatically.

Ideal Facebook ad link description - 18 words

Usually, the ad link description sits just below the headline.  When I advertise on Facebook, Facebook automatically generates meta tags, and sometimes these meta tags don't fit perfectly what I thought. Hopefully you can command, but it's better to have an optimized word with no more than 18 words.

What should not be forgotten is that the purpose of our ads is to get subscribers to the page we want to link Therefore, it is key to briefly describe the promotions we offer and to encourage buyers to act immediately.


Facebook maximum number of letters

Now that you've seen the ideal length of each section of Facebook on average, we're going to look at the maximum character limit.  Keep in mind that this limitation is recommended for screen size, etc., and if you write too long, the written text will be cut off.


  • - Facebook post character limit: 63,206 characters
  • - Facebook username character limit: 50 characters
  • - Facebook Page Description: 155 Characters
  • - Facebook Comments: 8,000 Characters


And the number of characters that are limited when trying to advertise on Facebook is as follows:


Facebook link ads

  • - Text: 90 characters
  • - Headline: 25 characters
  • - Link description: 30 characters


Facebook video ad letters

-       Text: 90 characters

-       Headline: 25 characters

-       Link Description: 30 Characters


Facebook image ad letters

-       Text: 90 characters

-       Headline: 25 characters

-       Link Description: 30 Characters


Facebook Canvas Ad Letters

-       Body text: 500 characters

-       Button text: 30 characters


Facebook Lead Generation Ad Letters

  • - Context card headline: 45 characters
  • - Benefits text: 5 bullets with 80 characters each
  • - Button text: 25 characters
  • - Custom question text: 50 characters
  • - Privacy policy link text: 100 characters
  • - Custom disclaimer title: 60 characters


Facebook Collection Ad Letters

-       Headline: 25 characters


And you should also be careful when creating an image, as facebook image light should not take up more than 25% of the text in the image. To prevent this confusion, Facebook provides advertising tools, which can beuseful. (ViewFacebook advertising tools)

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